+ 1951,June:Started private business in 34 Akumi-cho,Toyohashi-city.
+ 1957,Feb :Started manufacturing precision cylindrical grinders Started introducing on the domestic market.
+ 1959,June:Incorporated Kondo Machine Works Co.,Ltd. with a capital of 1 million yen.
+ 1959,Aug :Built and moved to the new plant in 91,Nakanotsubo,Hanada-cho.Toyohashi-city.
+ 1963,Dec :Increased the capital to 12 million yen.
+ 1964,Dec :Increased the capital to 15 million yen.
+ 1965,Aug :Expanded plant facilities.
+ 1969,May :Built Toyokawa plant in Mori 6-chome,Toyokawa-city,and moved the finishing and assembly department to new plant.
+ 1969,June:Expanded Toyokawa plant to integrate the entire manufacturing department.
+ 1972,May :Estabished Kondo Co.,Ltd. for expansion of sale.
+ 1981,Oct :Built a new main office for the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment.
+ 1982,Mar :Participated in the Westec Show in the United States for exhibition.
+ 1982,Sep :Participated in the Chicago Show(International Machine Tool Show)in the United States for exhibition.
+ 1985,May :Established Kondo Machine Serviice Co.,Ltd. for engineer service.
+ 1986,Mar :Built the main office plant and development center in 91 Nakanotsubo,Hanada-cho,Toyohashi-city.
+ 1991,Aug :United Kondo Machine Works Co.,Ltd. with Kondo Co.,Ltd. and Kondo Machine Service Co.,Ltd.(19 million 150 thousand yen)
+ 2003,Aug :Certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2000
+ 2009,May :Estabished Korea Kondo Co.,Ltd. was established.
+ 2009,Dec :Certified Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004
+ 2010,Dec :Certified Quality Management System ISO9001:2008
+ 2011,Feb :Established Thai Kondo MACHINE WORKS Co.,Ltd. was established.
+ 2012,Sep :Thai Kondo MACHINE WORKS Co.,Ltd. Indonesia Office was Opening.


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