@Quality Policy@
It contributes to society by what gthe product which acquires satisfaction of a customer and sense of reliability is offered forh in order to realize
1 The profits of the customer who is the idea of our company.
2 An employeefs profits.
3 The profit of company.

The following thing is performed in order to attain this management concept.
1 It is development of a product that the technology which was excellent with the customer should be offered.
2 Offer of the product trusted by the customer also in consideration of safety and environment.
3 Offer of the product which a customer is satisfied with an appropriate price and can secure a company and an employee proper profits

In order to guarantee offer of the above-mentioned product, our company observes a customer requirement, a regulation system, and the requirement decided in the company , and improves the validity of a quality management system continuously

@Environmental Policy@
Our company performs activity which builds an environmental management system, determines a setup of the environmental objective and target for environmental impact reduction and the framework for a review, and attempts continual improvement and prevents environmental pollution.

PDWhile observing environmental matters, such as an agreement on which our company has agreed with regards to a regulation system applicable to our company, and the environmental side of our company,when possible, voluntary standards are set up and it works for environmental preservation.
QDThe talented people who can take the action which education and training required for an employee was performed, and environmental preservation consciousness was raised, and met the environmental policy are raised.
RDAbout the following matter, it tackles positively.
    jReduction of the amount of discharge of industrial waste.
    jPromotion of saving resources and energy saving.
    jThoroughness of chemical substance management,and reduction of the amount used.
    jThe approach of the saving-resources molded goods in new product development.
SDThis policy is documented and is well-known to all officers, all workers, and all the men that work for our company.
TDGenerally this policy is released and is distributed to required people.


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